Girl code – Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur by Cara Alwill Leyba

Don’t miss out on those moments of happiness because you’re worried about what other people think.

Today, I am reviewing the book  Girl code – Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur by Cara Alwill Leyba. One major reason why I enjoyed the book was that she added in interviews with other female entrepreneurs like Alexandra Wolf, Adrienne Bosh, Rachel Luna and Jennifer Walsh.


Here are a few quotes from that I loved from the book.

  • Dig deep within your soul and call upon your strengths to push you forward. Look back to situations where you overcame, and use those moments to prove to yourself that you can do anything and be anyone you want to be.
  •  I’m learning the best way to do business is just take the emotion out of it. When it’s time to optimize your sales funnel or ask for feedback, you can’t take things personal. Business is meant to provide value for the exchange of value. If you get too emotional about it, it will harm your progress and leave you feeling unable to manage your company.
  • Rather than looking around at what everyone else is creating, think about what you wish already existed. What story needs to be told? What product needs to be created? Our inner magic shines when we stop trying to replicate other successful ventures and innovate from our own desires.
  • If you’re looking to have a more profitable business and make a bigger impact on the world, you have to own your brilliance. Trust your decisions. The more confident you are in yourself, the more confident others will be in you.
  • The environment you surround yourself with in life and in business is crucial for your happiness, health, and success. It’s impossible to reach your goals when toxic people and energy vampires surround you. Developing a dream team of people to help keep you afloat is key. And it doesn’t necessarily have to consist of your best friends or a huge staff. Sometimes the people who support and inspireyou the most can be found in the most unassuming places. Including – and especially – within yourself.
  • Many of my clients come to me with what they think is a “business issue” and in reality, it’s a “life issue” that we need to work on before we can even touch their business. If you think your unresolved issues with your ex, or your struggles with your body image aren’t affecting your success, you are wrong. Life and business are undeniably intertwined. When our lives are a mess, our businesses mirror that.
  • We need to shift the focus away from our bodies no matter what size we are. We are not our bodies! We need to start to connect to who we are on a soul level.
  • Don’t wait for your idea to be perfect. You will change it a million times. Don’t wait for your content to be perfect. When you start out, no one is looking at your stuff. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Just start.
  • Be prepared. It is difficult to be your own cheerleader as well as everyone else’s, every day but the hustle, sweat and tears make the utter joy of success even sweeter in the end.
  • Have the audacity to believe and never let reality get in the way of your imagination.
  • To never forget that every single person you meet in your lifetime makes up a part of your personal journey.
  • The ability to self-promote, when done right, is the most powerful tool you have as an entrepreneur.
  • I do my best to battle those sneaky little thoughts that tell you lies. As a Christian, we recite scriptures to implant positive words in our minds. I also say affirmations daily to remind myself to stand by my beliefs in positive thoughts. It’s very easy to let fear run the game, but I am determined to not let it get me down. That’s a promise I made myself, once I committed to self-love.

So, I really loved the book and would recommend for enterpreneurs and career ladies because it is a really inspiring.



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