January 2019 – month in review

My first post this year.

I decided not to overburden myself with a lot of resolutions this year. I am sticking to a theme for each month and highlighting a few things to get done in the month. The theme for January was Abundance and I chose to reflect on it.

Music – I stumbled on an artist I had never heard before (Juke Ross). My favorite song from him is ‘fresh roses‘. His voice is super amazing.

Book – I was only able to finish one book; What a time to be alone by Chidera Eggerue (aka The Slumflower). It is a very straight talk no chaser book. A reminder of self-respect, taking yourself seriously and watching for how you are treated.

Podcast – I didn’t find a new one this month but I enjoyed listening to Myleik‘s marathon mindset podcast.

Video – I enjoyed watching this documentary that showed the invention that helped allowed a lady with Parkinson’s disease start writing again.

Movie – My Netflix subscription has been working overtime. The best thing I watched this month was ‘black earth rising‘. It is a story about the prosecution of war crimes in Rwanda.

Gratitude list – The thing I am most grateful for is for my ICAN result.

February – My word for the month is clarity it is time to see things clearly. 😁

Love and Light,


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