Crazy rich Asian series by Kevin Kwan

The first time I read about this series (Crazy rich Asians, China rich girlfriend, and Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan) was on a list of summer reads. I took a mental note for later and then a few weeks later, I watched  Ellen interview Constance Wu and Henry Golding who are the main actors in the movie adaptation of the book. The movie trailer looked so amazing and I knew I just had to read the book. Fast forward to the last page of the third book, I am at the edge of my seat waiting for the movie to be released.

movie poster

The books follow the journey of a young Chinese couple (Nick and Rachel) who are crazy in love. Nick is the crazy rich Asian btw and he decides to take Rachel to China for a family wedding. The plot twist is the fact that he never explained how rich he was to her and he was as they say crazy rich.

The plot, of course, expands to his family and we are introduced to characters like Aramintha, his cousin Rachel’s brother.

I don’t want to give the whole plot away so I would stop myself but if you want to know I think it is an excellent read.

Love and light

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